We have a Research, Development and Innovation Department in our organisation.


We collaborate with our suppliers in the search for more environmentally friendly materials and applications. Our objective is to achieve the best benefits in every one of our commercial brands.


We offer tailor-made solutions and high value products to our customers.


REPLASA´s facilities are equipped with two laboratories that provide all the equipment necessary for the development of its projects. Standout installations include the testing area, accelerated ageing equipment (climate-controlled rooms, ovens…), as well as simulation software that is used for, among other things, the carrying out of destructive and non-destructive tests on the various coatings.


Functional and technical coatings (anti-noise, anti-vibration)
Polymer coatings food-safe, anti-stain and anti-microbial.
PVC-free films (eco-films) with personal design both for indoors and outdoors.

REPLASA has been granted by CDTI financial aid for its Research and Development Project,