It offers a top range appearance, fingerprint protection and easy surface cleaning, improving corrosion resistance of uncoated stainless steel.

  • It maintains the same decorative look as the material used as substrate.
  • Anti-fingerprint material, highly resistant to scratching.
  • Pressurised-water cleaning test for 1 hour, 100 bars at 20 cm = no delamination or separations.
  • Very good resistance to stains and household cleaning products, thus protecting the stainless steel from premature ageing.
  • Excellent resistance to dampness.
  • Maximum use temperature 110 °C. Inert material, food safe.
  • Great folding flexibility, but cannot be welded.
Total coating thickness EN 13523-1 ASTM D1005 μ 18
Specular Gloss (Gardner 60º) EN 13523-2 ASTM D523 % > 90 depending on finish
Pencil hardness EN 13523-4 ASTM D3363 > 4H
Resistance to rapid deformation EN 13523-5 ASTM D2794 joules 18 without detachment
Adherence after Erichsen cupping EN 13523-6 ASTM E643 mm 8 without detachment
T Bending EN 13523-7 ASTM D522 0T without cracking or separation
Resistance to salt spray EN 13523-8 ASTM B117 hours 500 5mm max. detachment
Resistance to accelerated Xenotest ageing test EN 13523-10 ASTM D6695 hours > 1000 ΔE < 1
Resistance to MEC friction test EN 13523-11 ASTM D5402 DF > 150 without change
Stain resistant (strawberry, orange, butter, fried tomato, mustard, lipstick, oil, milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, and soap) EN 13523-18 ASTM D1308 stain free after 24 hours