It adds colour to metal, protecting it and increasing its anti-corrosive properties.

  • Great decorative possibilities in special one-colour finishes or RAL chart.
  • Special colours on request, minimum 1,300 m2.
  • Good resistance against corrosion and dampness.
  • Easily mechanised, but cannot be welded.
Total coating thickness EN 13523-1 ASTM D1005 µ 25 depending on nature
Specular Gloss (Gardner 60º) EN 13523-2 ASTM D523 % 30 ± 5 adaptable to requirements
Colour difference EN 13523-3 ASTM E1347 ΔE < 1,0 depending on reference
Pencil hardness EN 13523-4 ASTM D3363 F – H depending on nature
Resistant to rapid deformation EN 13523-5 ASTM D2794 joules > 12 without detachment
T Bending EN 13523-7 ASTM D522 0 – 1T without cracking or separation
Resistance to salt spray EN 13523-8 ASTM B117 hours 1000 2 mm max. detachment
Resistance to accelerated Xenotest ageing test EN 13523-10 ASTM D6695 hours 2000 ΔE < 1
Resistance to MEC friction test EN 13523-11 ASTM D5402 DF > 100 without detachment
Stain resistant (strawberry, orange, butter, fried tomato, mustard, lipstick, oil, milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, and soap) EN 13523-18 ASTM D1308 stain free after 24 hours