Following its commitment to implement ecological processes for production, and to environmental management in general, Replasa has just launched a new system for the evaluation, collection and subsequent storage of the waste generated in its production process, which will allow the recycling of 70 tons of additional residues each year, preventing them from ending up in landfill.

The project is part of the subsidy program aimed at companies and entities that generate non-hazardous industrial waste, Waste Fund 2022 from the Government of Navarra, designed to support actions for current expenses or capital investments related to waste management.

“These investments will facilitate the separation and recycling of waste and include a system for the evacuation, collection and subsequent storage of the trim resulting from both the production line and the cross-cutting line. In this way, all the excess film can be recycled through a waste manager”, explains Diego Garcia, Replasa’s industrial director.

Replasa develops customized projects for the coating of metallic surfaces of innovative products in sectors such as household appliances, construction, the shipbuilding and automotive industries, among others. Currently in the process of international expansion, Replasa has more than fifty years of experience and is the leader in the Spanish market. At present, the company has two factories in Navarra (Astrain and Los Arcos).

Replasa aumenta su capacidad de reciclaje de residuos en 70 toneladas