The REPLASA Management is committed to promoting quality and protecting the environment, as well as ensuring a high level of Occupational Health and Safety. To do so, it has implemented a Quality, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention System into the Organisation, hereinafter known as the Integrated Management System, based on International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

REPLASA is committed to fulfilling all applicable legal requirements, customer requirements and any other voluntary requirements to which the company subscribes.

Our commitment to Quality, the Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention includes all stakeholders: suppliers, customers, partners, personnel, internal customers and society in general.

REPLASA, a company dealing in the coating of metallic substrate with plastic film and paint, works closely with its suppliers of raw materials to ultimately seek customer satisfaction and the development and incorporation of new coatings and technologies into the production process, resulting in product specifications.

Through this work with suppliers we also seek to provide cleaner coatings that are less pollutant and safety for workers in terms of both the chemical treatment of the substrate and of the films.

The REPLASA Management is therefore committed to providing the Organisation with the necessary resources to meet this goal and place REPLASA in a good position in the market, on all levels.

The REPLASA Management is aware of the degree of environment impact and the risks to personnel of its activity. It therefore maintains and promotes a Management system to prevent environmental pollution and damage to and deterioration of the health of its personnel.

Finally, to meet all these goals, the REPLASA Management has established the following general guidelines for action, of which all personnel have been informed and are aware:

1. The main goal is to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees and society in general), to protect the environment and to guarantee the health and safety of our employees and colleagues.

2. The system is aimed at the continuous improvement of the Quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system through the assessment and auditing of these systems and the establishing and review of objectives and goals as a benchmark.

3. Permanent commitment to continuous improvement with regularly assessed actions provided for this purpose, emergency actions, communication and participation of employees, obligatory training on the subject, coordination among companies and all the obligations included in regulations.

Special emphasis is also placed on the professional development of employees, with specific training in areas of safety, the environment, and quality, developing their skills to ensure they are qualified to perform the tasks in these areas.

4. The Management ensures the applicable legal and regulatory requirements are met, as well as any other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

5. The Organisation promotes activities aimed at preventing pollution and reducing any negative environmental impact associated to its business, as well as to maintaining a high level of health and safety in the workplace through actions and the creation of improvement groups in this area.

6. The participation of personnel is encouraged through their cooperation in complying with and improving the system to sensitise, share and integrate preventive culture into the organisation.

Lastly, the REPLASA Management ensures that the Policy is known, understood and accepted by all employees and groups collaborating with the organisation.

It is available to employees on the notice boards and in the on-line communication system.

The internal and external Audits will ensure REPLASA maintains the effectiveness and suitability of the Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety System so that this policy remains up to date and improved.


REPLASA has also determined other strategic aspects, such as:

MISSION REPLASA is an innovative company that develops and produces a wide range of coated metallic products with a high added value, promoting service and cooperation to offer solutions adapted to each customer
VISION To become an international benchmark in our sector in terms of innovation, the continuous improvement of processes and services, and technology development, promoted by the qualifications of our personnel, and making our brand a symbol of reliability.
CORPORATE VALUES ·       Development of partnerships with customers, suppliers and colleagues to promote the development of new technologies and products

·       Collaboration and cooperation for the development of our solutions

·       Encouraging the development of personal and professional skills, promoting teamwork, internal communication and innovation

·       Orientation towards service and customer satisfaction

·       Ethical principles of honesty, integrity and transparency applied to all areas of the company.


18 June 2018

Carlos Tapia