REPLASA’s Management is committed to enhancing quality, protecting the environment, and achieving a high level of workplace health and safety. For this reason, REPLASA has an Integrated Workplace Risk Prevention, Environment, and Quality Management System (Integrated Management System, or IMS) based on international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards. Our commitment to Workplace Risk Prevention, the Environment, and Quality encompasses all levels of the company and all stakeholders, including suppliers, clients, partners, employees, and society at large.

REPLASA works closely with its suppliers to develop and incorporate new materials, new production technologies, and new product specifications with the ultimate goal of ensuring the satisfaction of its clients. This collaboration translates into a constant effort to reduce the environmental effects of materials used and their level of hazard, while maximizing employee safety throughout the production process.

REPLASA’s Management is aware of its activity’s potential environmental impact and risk to its personnel, which is why it maintains and promotes an IMS that aims to prevent environmental contamination, eliminate hazards, and reduce risks to individual health and safety. In this sense, REPLASA’s Management is committed to providing the resources necessary to reach said goal, and achieve excellent market position on all levels.

Through this process, REPLASA’s Management establishes the following general action guidelines, which all personnel are provided and understand:

  1. Complying with the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, particularly when it comes to the satisfaction of our clients.
  2. Protecting the environment and preventing contamination, including the sustainable use of resources.
  3. Strengthening our employees through;
    • professional competency, encouraging their development, efficacy, and engagement
    • communication and participation in relevant company matters, and
    • providing them with safe and healthy workplaces that avoid harm to their health, pro-actively improving occupational health and safety.
  4. Promoting a culture of continued betterment on all levels to strengthen REPLASA’s management system through audits and deviation control.

Likewise, particular emphasis is placed on the professional improvement of our employees through specific training in areas of safety, the environment, and quality, developing their competencies in order to guarantee qualifications when it comes to performing tasks in said areas:

  • Management is committed to complying with applicable legal requirements and regulations, as well as other requirements to which the organization adheres.
  • Management is committed to promoting actions meant to prevent contamination and reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with its activity, as well as maintaining a high degree of workplace health and safety through actions and the creation of improvement groups in said areas.
  • Management encourages employee participation through their collaboration in fulfilling and improving the system in order to raise awareness, share, and integrate the culture of prevention into the organization.

Lastly, REPLASA’s Management guarantees that the Policy is known, understood, and accepted by all employees and groups that collaborate with the organization, serving as a reference framework for the establishment of management system goals. The Policy is available to employees through bulletin boards and the online communication system, as well as the company’s website for stakeholders. REPLASA maintains its efficacy and adaptability through internal and external audits that will be used to verify the Workplace Health and Safety, Environment, and Quality Management System so that the policy will always be improved and updated.

In addition, REPLASA has defined other strategic aspects, such as:


REPLASA is an innovative company that develops and manufactures a wide range of coated metal products with high added-value, strengthening service and cooperation to offer solutions that are adapted to each client


Being an international benchmark in our sector in terms of innovation, continued betterment, and technology development, driven by the qualifications of our team of individuals, making our brand a symbol of reliability.


  • Developing alliances with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators to foster the development of new technologies and products
  • Collaborating and cooperating to develop our solutions
  • Encouraging personal and professional skill development, fostering teamwork, internal communication, and innovation
  • Focusing on client satisfaction and service